Friday, April 6, 2007

Lily Allen - Coachella, Day 3

Lily Allen is performing at Coachella on Day 3. After taking a listen to her album, 'Alright, Still', I've decided that I will most likely try to catch her performance. The album is pretty good. I would describe the album as "British Future Lounge-Hop", or maybe "Alterna bubblegum hip-pop". Yes, that's right, hip-pop. Has that term been coined yet? I think I might have just invented a new musical genre. What I'm trying to say is that this would be good music for a party for circus folk. No, scratch that. This album would be perfect background music for a brothel. Not a creepy brothel, though. I'm thinking more of a happy, carefree brothel, where no one ever gets an STD, and the girls are always happy to see you, and everybody knows your name.

I had heard exactly one Lily Allen song prior to listening to the album - 'Smile'. It gets some radio play around here, and I also saw her perform it on SNL. It's a nice song, with a good beat, and the lyrics deal with Lily being happy that her boyfriend is sad, because I think he dumped her and now he wants her back. There is a remix of Smile on the album, and I think I might actually prefer the remix to the regular version. The remix is more up-tempo, the beat almost feels motown-ish to me. Both versions are pretty hot.

My favorite song on the album by far is 'Ldn'. That song is so good it will make you want to dance, but not in front of other people. I would describe 'Ldn' as 'Ring of Fire' (Johnny Cash song) on speed, in reverse, with a killer beat, minus the Johnny Cash gravel-pit voice, plus a sweet British little girl voice, and happier. Actually, all of that is bullshit, the only thing it has in common with 'Ring of Fire' is that there are horns in the chorus. But you get the drift.

Another song I liked is 'Everythings Just Wonderful', which I would describe as hip bowling alley music. I feel confident that if that song came on while I was bowling, I would roll a 200. That would be a big deal for me, because I am a terrible bowler.

'Shame For You' is a good song too. I think it would be a good song for the soundtrack of the Swingers sequel, but only if they decide to set the Swingers sequel in the year 2190, and the movie is about a heartbroken cyberpunk that is trying to get back into the seedy cyberpunk dating scene.

One other thing I should mention about Lily Allen is that she swears...a lot. She pretty much has a potty mouth. The thing about it, though, is that her voice is so pretty, and she's got the whole British accent going on, that she ends up sounding sweet anyway. The funniest non-swear is on the song Friday Night, which features the lyrics '...get to the front, ... girl is dressed like a ____'. She was obviously going to say 'cunt', but instead she doesn't say it and there is the sound of a turntable scratching. Who does she think she is, the Fat Boys?

So anyway, I guess I would say that this album gave me a lot of crazy thoughts, all of which I have tried to relay to you. Most albums don't give me as many randomly awesome ideas as this one does, so for that alone I have to give it a thumbs up.

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